Gypsy Card offers pdf ebook and flip-page ebook. Each card explained that it is easy to start reading the cards. also offers a gypsy card reading in four positions, depends how far or how close to the inquirer's card. The position will change the card meaning, but first, you should learn the meaning of each card before you endeavour to the different position reading if you are starting out. With the tarot books available, you are able to tell your own fortune, because the book can be used as a guide for spiritual or self-advancement. How to develop habits which will lead you to success instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over. You will not fall into the trap of being biased, because with any of the books we offer you will learn the one-ness of all life forms and the universe. It is the Universe which guides you in your tarot journey, to discover your true self and your true destination.

What is the Purpose of Tarot?

Tarot meant to be to find your true self, to find the right path to liberation from illusions. You're able to achieve that by exploring your past, and how it relates to the present situation you are in now. Once you discovered the past, you are able to do something in the present moment to create a better future today. Therefore, tarot or Gypsy Card is a tool for healing, teaching you how to reach a better future in your voyage of life.



All the books offered by is meant for you, who would like to start, how to read taro cards.

We are located in Australia. Since most Gypsy cards do not come with instructions, we developed books for you which will help you how to start reading Gypsy Card. Most card only come with this advise: "the meaning is relatively easily deciphered, although it is important to avoid falling into the trap of adhering too closely and literally to the meaning suggested by the pictures and captions. However, the cards are explicit enough in their connotations to make a detailed commentary unnecessary". This leaves you on your own to find out and search how to start... Therefore, we have developed books to help you with the start, but even advanced tarot readers can benefit from these tarot books. Most tarot cards such as the Hungarian Gypsy Card and the Gypsy card's meaning are almost identical, but we made for both as their images are slightly different, however, their meaning will be the same.

There are many theories what the term Tarot defines, yet none of them traces it back to the most obvious source, Sanskrit language. Tarot derived from Sanskrit Taras; i.e. voyage, referring to life as a voyage, a guide, how to continue on your journey in life. The other word is Tara, which is translating to asterism, passage, knowledge, communication between man and the universe,  the sacred text and science of the ancient Phoenicians known today as the Romani people or Gypsies.
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